Cookie Dough Ball

If you like eating raw cookie dough, you’ll love this monstrosity.

cookie dough ball


Cookie dough in portable form

Yet another concoction from the Dipped in Chocolate booth is the chocolate chip cookie dough ball.

The chocolate chip cookie that we all know and love today originated at the Toll House Inn at Whitman, Massachusetts in the 1930s. Proprietor Ruth Wakefield deliberately created the recipe to make something different. When the broken pieces of chocolate didn’t melt into the batter like she thought they would, a classic was born.

Nestle took advantage of the situation by buying the rights to the recipe and printing it on their newest product – chocolate chips. To this date, every package still has that recipe on the back.

Some time in the last couple centuries, someone discovered that bringing Americans’ secret obsession with raw cookie dough out in the open made good marketing sense. And boy, were they right. You can now have that raw cookie dough flavor shoved into pretty much any dessert you like: ice cream, coffee, cake, other cookies, and even vodka.

Watch the episode to see what Jeff and Katrina think of this lazy-man’s cookie. If you’re curious to experiment on your own, for heaven’s sake, make an eggless version that’s a little safer than that recipe printed on the back of your bag of chocolate chips.

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