Caramel Apple

We’re on iTunes now! Let’s celebrate with an apple – a classic caramel one, at that.

caramel apple


A Caramel Apple A Day…

Hey folks: We’re on iTunes! If you’re one of the iPodding folks who prefers to subscribe via Apple’s store, just click the button on the left and we’ll hook you right up. And to celebrate, here’s an apple of our own.

It’s hard to think of anything that says “fall is here” better than a caramel apple. Ok – maybe a pecan pie or some pumpkin. Still, caramel apples are not only quintessential Halloween treats; they’re also classic fair food.

Caramel apples are the close cousin to the candy apple – also known as “toffee apples” outside of North America. It’s said they were invented by an American named William W. Kolb, who made the first batch in 1908. The caramel variety just seems a lot easier to eat, though, and is often loaded up with peanuts, chocolate drizzle, candies, and all sorts of ridiculous toppings.

Watch the episode for Randy and Katrina’s take on the caramel apple at the Iowa State Fair.

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